If you have questions that aren't addressed here, please contact us.PHONE: 360-708-5048 8AM-8PM PST, seven days a week.EMAIL: bluecollardogtreats@comcast.net

Why don't you accept credit cards online? Why do I have to call to place my order?

I ask you to call me directly to place your order so I can customize your order and minimize your shipping rates. My business is still small enough that I am able to deal with my customers' needs on an individual basis. As explained previously, calling me is also the safest way to maintain the security of your credit card.
If I have to buy a secure shopping cart web service and third party fulfillment software, I'd have to pass the cost on to my customers. Not a good option.

What ingredients do you use?

We use only human-grade, all natural ingredients... no chemicals, preservatives, added salt or sugar. We list our ingredients by volume on every package because it's important for you to know what your dog is eating.
Our Bacon treats are made with real bacon, not imitation or dried bacon bits- we use only the real thing.

What flavors are available?

We currently offer all three flavors online ~ CHICKEN, PEANUT BUDDIER (which is Peanut Butter) and BACON. When giving the treats as a gift, we ask that you keep in mind that some people have PEANUT ALLERGIES and even handling peanut butter treats could cause a serious medical reaction. If there's any question, we strongly encourage you to choose the Chicken or Bacon flavor.

How long will the treats last? How should the treats be stored?

Unlike commercially available treats, we use no chemicals or preservatives. Stored properly (away from heat and moisture) our treats will stay fresh for at least 4 weeks. If you have storage concerns or need to store them longer, we suggest putting them in the freezer. We don't recommend long term refrigeration as it can cause excess moisture. We recommend freezing our Bacon treats for long term storage.
Our GIFT BOX contains shelf-stable vacuum sealed treats and the Chicken and Peanut Butter will  remain fresh as long as six months (we tested!) Once opened, they should be used within 4 weeks or stored in the freezer. We suggest storing the Bacon treats in the freezer for any longer periods.

How do you ship?

We've designed our portions and packaging to fit into any of the US Postal Service Flat Rate, 3 Day Priority mail shipping envelopes/boxes and Regional Rates for WA customers. We've found USPS is the cheapest, fastest and most reliable way for us to ship. We charge a .50 handling fee per shipping container to cover our cost of packaging materials. It's our intention to charge our exact shipping cost to your address. We want to profit from selling our treats, not from shipping them. In some cases there are even cheaper alternatives to using Priority Mail and we'll take advantage of those methods whenever possible.

When will my order arrive?

We ship within 24 hours of receiving your order.  Delivery time for Priority mail is 3 days in most areas.
We can also ship express (overnight) mail.

Do you ship outside the US or to APO/FPO addresses?

Not at this time... sorry.  

I'm local ~ Can I pick up the treats myself?

Absolutely! In some cases we can even deliver them to you. Give us a call to make arrangements.

Can you ship a gift for me?

We can certainly to ship to a third party address within the US and will include a small gift card (at no charge) with a message from you. We'll provide delivery confirmation to you.  While there will be no invoice or advertising sent with your gift, we will include our business card with our contact info.

What methods of payment do you accept?

At present, we use SQUARE which includes VISA, MasterCard, Discovery and American Express. We will also accept money orders and cashiers checks. We're unable to accept personal checks except by previous arrangement.