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We hope to make your ordering experience easy because we want to TREAT you right.  We don't pretend to be We're simply trying to make our healthy treats available to our customers year round at the best possible price. You may be surprised to see no shopping carts, credit card entry or check out pages. It may not be what you're used to, but it so far it's working and it keeps everyone's costs down.

If you  have questions about our treats or the ordering process that aren't addressed on this page you can try our FAQs, email us at  or call us at

8 AM - 8 PM PST. We're available seven days a week. 


Use this page as a catalog of available products then call (360) 708-5048 to place your order with us directly. Speaking with you will also help us customize your order and minimize your shipping charges.
You can also email your order to bluecollardogtreats@comcast.netDO include your contact phone number and the best time to reach you. For security purposes DO NOT include your credit card info in your email.  We'll quickly determine the best available shipping rate for your order and call you with your purchase total and obtain your credit card info at that time. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER cards.
Local sales tax must be collected on orders from WA residents.

 SHIPPING:  We're not running with those big dogs with the set-in-concrete shipping fees. We want to profit from selling our treats, not from shipping them so we've designed our portions and packaging to fit into any of the US Postal Service Flat Rate Priority 3 Day Delivery shipping envelopes/boxes. We always use Regional Rates for our WA state customers. We've found USPS is the easiest and most reliable method for us and the cheapest way for you.  We can send the treats directly to you or as a gift or a third party for you. We'll even include a free gift tag  for you.
 LOCAL CUSTOMERS:   If you're in Anacortes, we have pickup or free delivery. If you're coming over from Burlington, La Conner, Mt Vernon, Sedro Woolley, you can save shipping charges using our  pickup option. If you're elsewhere in Washington we've discovered Flat Rate Regional Priority Mail is the best way to ship to you.. We'll do our best to treat you right.

Look for the blue paw throughout the page for important tips, gift suggestions & shipping rate savings.

* * * *  FLAVORS & SIZES * * * * 

The sizes of treats we offer online are our most popular sizes at the Farmers' Markets. Little Bits are approximately 1.5" x .5 " and Big Dogs are approximately 5"x 1".

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All Ingredients are human grade & listed by volume:

White and Whole Wheat Flour, Chicken Stock, Wheat
Bulgur, Wheat Bran, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Vegetable Oil, Egg, Yeast

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All Ingredients are human grade & listed by volume:

White and Whole Wheat Flour, Peanut Butter, 2% Non-Fat Milk, Baking Powder

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All Ingredients are human grade & listed by volume:

White and Whole Wheat Flour, Bacon, (yes, absolutely, positively REAL Bacon)  Bran,  Vegetable Oil, Egg, Yeast, 


All Blue Collar Dog treats are made with human grade ingredients- no fillers, no added salt or sugar, no chemicals or preservatives. Those factors make our treats healthy for your dog but also result in a limited shelf life. Properly stored, in an airtight container away from heat and moisture, they should be used or frozen within four weeks. Vacuum sealed packages of Chicken and Peanut Butter treats require no freezing and are shelf stable for up to six months. Once opened, the vacuum sealed treats should be used within four weeks or stored in the freezer. We recommend freezing vacuum packed Bacon treats to maintain freshness because they are made with real bacon- not imitation or freeze dried morsels.
All of our packages include a list of the ingredients. We're very proud of our treats and we want you and your gift recipients to be assured that all Blue Collar Dog Treats contain only healthy and natural ingredients..


If you’re choosing our treats for a gift, please keep in mind that some people have severe PEANUT ALLERGIES. Even handling peanut butter treats could cause a serious reaction. If you have any concerns that your gift recipient or anyone in his/her family may have medical issues with peanuts or peanut products, we strongly encourage you to choose the Chicken or Bacon Treats.

* * * * * PACKAGES * * * * * 


Chicken, Peanut Buddier or  Bacon ~  $3.00

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Our POCKET PACK is available with your choice of Chicken, Peanut Buddier or Bacon Little Bits. It contains 13 treats-a baker's dozen. The reusable pouch snaps open on either end and at 5.5" x 3.5" is just the right size for pocket, purse or your pet's Christmas stocking.



 Chicken, Peanut Buddier or Bacon ~ $6.00 

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Our treat bag features our trademark blue collar and contains your choice of 36 Chicken, Peanut Buddier or Bacon Treats.  The Blue Collar bag is a great gift for a dog lover or for your favorite hard-working Blue Collar dog.


 Chicken, Peanut Buddier, Bacon or Sampler - $12.00     

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Whether you have one pup or a pack of pooches, the Little Bits Bucket gives you the best bark for your buck. No fuss, no frills, simply 72 treats of your choice. Go with Chicken, Peanut Buddier, Bacon or the Sampler which is 24 of each flavor. They are packed in a 32 oz deli container so you can store them in the freezer and take out what you need, when you need it. What could be easier?


Chicken, Peanut Butter or Bacon ~ 12.00     

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We use lots of peanut butter and since Blue Collar Dog Treats tries to be as green as possible, we recycle the sanitized 6" tall jars into 72 treat cookie jars.
Choose Chicken, Peanut Buddier, Bacon or the Trio Sampler- 24 of each flavor.


Chicken, Peanut Butter or Bacon ~ 12.00  

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This one's perfect for the big guys...
or even the little ones who think they're big guys.
Twelve large 5 inch Chicken, Peanut Buddier or Bacon treats.


Chicken, Peanut Butter or Bacon ~ 12.00

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Your GIFT BOX will contain your choice of 48 Chicken, Peanut Buddier or Bacon Little Bits- all vacuum sealed to make a perfect gift for a dog lover. The vacuum sealed treats are wrapped in pawprint tissue & sealed with a label that says Good Dog!  It comes to you ready to give to your best friend...finished off in pawprint wrapping paper, tied with twine and our own Best Friend gift tag.

  One GIFT BOX to one address ships for $5.60 
                 Priority Mail 3 Day Delivery anywhere in the US. 
CALL 360-708-5048 for shipping info for multiple boxes.

Looking for the perfect gift for your Dog Loving Friends or your Loving Dog? 

Chicken? Peanut Buddier? Bacon? Just can't decide?
At $10, $15 and $20 our Gift Certificates are the answer for you.
Give us a call and we'll do the rest

..and the shipping for a gift certificate is a whole fifty cents. 

It can't get any easier.

 How do we treat our dog?
with Peanut Buddier Little Bits
How do YOU treat YOUR dog?

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