Our Peanut Butter Treats are FINE!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I have been watching the daily updates on the current Sunland Inc. peanut product recall. The peanut butter I use in my dog treats (AND HAVE ON MY BREAKFAST TOAST EVERY MORNING) is NOT part of this recall, nor is it likely to be.  When the FDA made the original announcement I immediately contacted the company that makes my peanut butter and they have assured me that they do not use any ingredients from Sunland, Inc. 
Needless to say I was much relieved.

Since this recall is ONLY related to peanuts & almonds supplied to manufacturers by Sunland in Portales, NM, I'm confident enough to keep producing my Peanut Butter Dog Treats- AND eating that same pb on my morning toast.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

It looks like Everett's great dogs won't have to go all winter
 without Blue Collar Dog Treats after all.
 Just look who I found... or who found me... well, actually we found each other.
A new and unique store has just opened in Everett!
Its called..... wait for it...
and they are quick to tell you
 "It's not that we don't like cats... it's just that we LOVE dogs!"
Oh NCA, where have you been all my life???

I'd been hearing good things about Liam Cole's new business and he'd been hearing good things about Bev B's popular treats and so...after a very brief courtship, No Cats Allowed and Blue Collar Dog Treats are announcing their collaboration to make great dog treats available to Everett's dog community all year. No more wishing and waiting for the Farmers Market to open.
Just stop by 3231 Broadway, suite D and load up!
They're open 11 AM - 6 PM, Tuesday through Saturday
Closed Sunday and Monday.

We dropped off a few things
That's Liam, owner of NO CATS ALLOWED, walking behind my display.

You'll find so many unique dog goodies in this store. It is NOT PetSmart, PetCo, a big box pet supply store- you'll not find aisle after aisle of plastic dog bowls or imported chew monkeys with belly squeakers.  
The items here are unique and created by local artisans and artists. 
Some are crafted using up-cycled materials and all are handmade. 

Look for the big OPEN sign- we LOVE it.

a quick peek at a few items in the store....
(sorry, my phone photos don't do them justice)

 hand knotted leashes
hand knotted chew/tug toys
pins, pendants, magnets
remembrance plaques, hand turned wooden interment urns

No Cats Allowed is located at 3231 Broadway in Everett...
on the east side of the street.
If you pass through the intersection at 33rd- you've gone too far!

and for my Everett Farmers Market customers- my apologies..
my hand outs included the wrong area code.
The phone number is 206-498-3112.

I hope you'll continue to shop locally and support local artisans and artists through the winter.

See you next year, Everett Farmers Market

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thank you! Thank You Very Much!
Bev B and her Blue Collar Dog Treats have left the building.
What a fun season this has been in Everett! Nineteen Sundays of dogs, dog lovers and beautiful weather. We're used to the first two but the great weather was.... well.... not the usual for Western WA.
There were only two drizzly days and those were the only two Sundays I missed.. not by plan but by coincidence... Gotta love that!


the Clumber Spaniels, Benson & his mom, Abbey

Charlie- the clever trickster- and the first dog in seven years to "anoint" my tablecloth-
but I love him anyway!

Mas- who had some serious surgery this summer and is doing just fine.


and my favorite visitor of the season??
ROWAN... my oldest great granddaughter

It was a grand season and I'm already wishing for June 2013.
You're the GREATEST!