Friends Bearing Gifts

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Christine Olsen, a local artist and friend surprised me with a totally unique gift and I have to share it.

 A portrait of Gracie in her blue collar.
I absolutely love this! Grace is about 10 different colors ranging from her white shawl to her rust-colored back and Christine's colors just pop. LOVE the dog treat. I love that she took the time to do this for me.

Another unique gift was from my friend Jan. She & her husband Michael left Anacortes three years ago to retire in rural eastern Washington.  She sends me amazing photos of bobcats and moose and the beauty of their mountain home. They were in town this weekend and we had a catchup lunch and then drove around the fields looking at the thousands of snow geese and swans.
Jan brought me some eggs from her Aracauna chickens. The colors are amazing. blues and greens and shades of tan. I almost hate to use them because they're so pretty.
Michael brought me some of the trout he caught. Too late for a photo...
it be breaded with Zaterain, pan-fried and et. :)
Deelicious, I Gare-awn-tee.

My friend Ang has started sharing her amazing photography by creating gorgeous greeting cards.
Son John gave me this one.  It's gorgeous. Ang is going to join us at the Skagit Valley Summer Market at the Farmhouse. Cant wait to see her tulip field photos.

I received great gifts for my birthday, ranging from unique to practical. If it sounds crass, I'm sorry, but I really love the invention of the Gift Card. Some say impersonal. I disagree! To me it says: 'I want you to have anything YOU want.' That's so thoughtful!  Same with cash.  Everybody wins.
Also got a collection of chocolate- always high on my list.
I enjoyed the beauty of our snow covered island & spent some time on the phone with people who love me. You can't beat that.
It was a good day turn 65.

* * *