Sure, Blame It On the Dog

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CHIGWELL: Pub accused over 'dog poo' at children's party  By Daniel Binns »

A FAMILY has claimed they discovered a “large amount” of dog poo smeared in a pub's function room which they had rented out for their two-year-old's birthday party.

Mum-of-two Lynsey Kourentis, of Alfred Road in Buckhurst Hill, said a party for her daughter at the Ye Olde Kings Head in Chigwell High Road last week was “ruined” by dog faeces allegedly spread all over the floor.

But manager of the pub Sam Carruthers said he found no evidence of any mess, and believes the problem was caused by a baby or a toddler at the get-together. Epping Forest District Council's environmental health officers attended the scene after the family made a complaint, but said the room was clean when they arrived.

Ms Kourentis said: “At first we thought someone had some bad luck and got some of it on their shoes but then we realised there were lumps of dog poo all over the room.

“It was absolutely disgusting. We had lots of babies and toddlers crawling around on the floor and they got it all on their shoes and clothes. “I couldn't enjoy my daughter's birthday party because I was running around trying to clean it up and running around to find the manager. It was very upsetting and it ruined the day for me.
“Not only was it disgusting and the smell was vile, but imagine if one of the children had touched it without realising and then eaten from the buffet with their fingers as toddlers do.”

While dogs are banned from the pub, Ms Kourentis says she was told that animals living above the pub had come down the night before the party and made the mess.

The Guardian has also spoken to other guests at the party who also believe the mess was dog poo.
But Mr Carruthers disputed the family's version of events. He said: “I couldn't see any poo. I think it's one of the children that's done it. “I did give them their deposit back because they were very angry.

“It didn't occur to me at the time that one of the children could have done it. I am fuming with myself that I gave it [the deposit] back to them. The total bill would only have been £80 and I did it to save the aggro.”

This story just struck me as funny... 
"I think it's one of the children that's done it." Trying to imagine that scenario.
Maybe it's the colloquialisms? "a large amount of dog poo"? "save the aggro"? I'll be using that one. "I don't NEED this aggro!"

Maybe I'm just easily entertained.
Hey, elections are over~ I'll take a laugh wherever I can get it. 


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