Weather or not you can believe it...

Friday, September 10, 2010

The first thing I do every week day is check the weather forecast for the coming weekend, trying to gauge what to expect at the two Farmer's Markets I attend. Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong.
There's a new outdoor public market a couple of towns away that I've been considering selling at, after my regular Farmers' Markets close. That would be in October. Soooo... I thought it would be a good idea to google some weather predictions and I stumbled onto this site.

See me up there in the corner? Where it says Winter's Worst weather?

No fuh-reakin' way. Not us. We don't do snow. We do rain and gray days and seasonal affective disorder and we do them all quite well.  Where the hell is Al Gore's global warming?

This is (supposedly) a retirement town- I just think of it as a town where everyone has gotten old at the same time . OK, we live on an island... with a bridge. It's not like we are isolated. But at the first mention of  possible snow, the Safeway parking lot looks like a geriatric version of the Indy 500 as we dash downtown to grab milk & bread & coffee before the coming blizzard (28 flakes does not a blizzard make) locks us in for three whole days. Forget even getting close to Blockbuster or the liquor store. I sometimes wonder if the Bailey's Irish Cream people are somehow manipulating our cold snaps. Just a thought.

We can do about three days of snow and that's it. We're done. It ain't pretty any more. Tempers flare and so do the chimney fires. The crunch of tires on snow is like fingernails on a blackboard. Make it stop. If the TV cable hasn't gone out, our only live news is Seattle's coverage of cars sliding into each other on Capital Hill.

If you' re listening, Lord,  Please don't confuse us with that other place. We are the GOOD Washington. The one with apples, salmon and evergreen trees. The one with no snow plows, no parkas and a only limited supply of Ugg boots.

The one you're thinking of is 2337 miles east of my house. Go for it.


Packrat said...

I'd heard from some geologists and other scientists (at my last paying job) that for the next few years we should be prepared for really cold weather. According to the older scientists that I had the pleasure of talking to (not the young 'uns who have been completely brainwashed and were often just plain rude) the global warming was caused by the major sunspot activity of the last several years. Some of these sun spots have now cooled (become less active) and some have gone out. The scientists are predicting that without the activity on the sun, we are due for some extremely cold weather. UGH. I've gotten so I like our milder winters without the below zero weather and without so much snow. Guess we will see how this all turns out. Guess we don't have much choice one way or the other.

BevB said...

Thanks for the input! I think. :)

Packrat said...

Sorry :(

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