In Gratitude of All Who Serve

Saturday, May 29, 2010

However you celebrate Memorial Day weekend, I hope you'll take time to remember those who have made our freedom possible, most especially those who gave their lives in service to our country. Say an extra prayer that those who are in harm's way today, will soon come home safely.

As both an Air Force brat and an Air Force wife, Memorial Day has always been special to me.... there's something about a guy in uniform :)

My dad, John Earnest Rush, US Army Air Corps and USAF, Ret.
World War II veteran

My husband, John Patrick, when he joined the Air Force in 1964. Vietnam veteran

Have a safe one.


You Know Who You Are

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three years ago today my husband Pat died. When we married, I was 19 and he was 20. After 42 years of "we", "us" and "ours", my life instantly became about "I", "me" and "mine" but this post isn't about heartache and's about blessings and gratitude.

After Pat died, widowed friends told me that there was a phenomenon I could expect to see. "Some of your friends, who have been very close to you, will move away from you, and acquaintances and strangers will move closer to you." Hard to believe and I doubted it, but as it happens, they were right. Some close friends have slipped away quietly for whatever reasons. (Sad to see them go but understandable since everything that came out of me was all about MY grief, MY tears, and MY aloneness.) People I barely knew and people I didn’t know at all have moved into my circle and become very good friends, just as predicted.

But I wasn’t prepared for the angels. I don’t mean the ethereal, celestial creatures of renaissance art. I mean the flesh and blood, young/old, over/underweight angels with freckles or braces or wrinkles or receding hairlines (and in come cases no hair at all.) Some of you I’ve known for many years and some of you have just recently wandered into my life and stayed. My angels.

As different and unique as each one of you may be, you all have something in common.You each have given me piece of your heart to help mine mend. You’ve enriched my mind and my soul and given me hope, courage, love and support. In my darkest days, you lit a candle for me. You kept me moving forward.

I’ve tried to thank you for your generosity of spirit but it seems like that’s not enough. I feel like there’s more I need to do. I want to be as good a friend to others as you have been to me… to pay it forward. So you angels have given me yet another gift.

I thank God every night for the angels He has sent me and I ask Him to give you blessings and keep you in His loving care.

and special angel, I still love you more than trees.


Not a morning person either...

Monday, May 24, 2010

My friend, Gerri is a morning person. Bright and bubbly and raring to go at day break, she's learned from sad experience that I am not. Apparently neither is Ginger, the golden lab...

Thanks so much, Gerri, for sending this. It's a hoot! and kudos to the clever film maker- but I would have left out the laugh track...too distracting. I know, I know - everybody's a critic.

Some of the other clips are pretty funny too.


My weekend schedule

Friday, May 21, 2010

My first Saturday Farmer's Market of the season...

and my last free Sunday until October...


Dogs at Festivals...Fun or Misery?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Look at that smile! Happy dog!
but I'm not very happy this morning....

On Anacortes Scoop, one of the local information pages I visit on Facebook, someone posted the following: "THE DOGS I SAW SAT AND SUN AT THE WATERFRONT FESTIVAL LOOKED MISERABLE HOT AND A LOT SEEMED VERY NERVOUS IN SUCH A LARGE CROWD. THEN A COUPLE OF THEM TRIED TO HAVE A FIGHT." The caps are hers- not mine. I hardly ever yell (ha!) This poster went on to ask people for their opinions as to whether dogs belonged at festivals or not and specified that she voted NO and added that she is a dog lover. Well, good for her, I'm happy to hear it.

I commented that my booth is a mecca for dogs at festivals,with multiple watering stations available and every dog goes home with a free doggie bag of treats. 

Then I really jumped up on my soapbox:
"It is a dog owner's responsibility to decide if the weather is suitable and if their dog is socialized enough and has a temperment to be comfortable in ANY type of situation- from a dog park to a festival. In my five years of doing festivals I've seen far more humans misbehave than dogs. I've seen many sunburned toddlers but never a dog in distress."

I have dozens of pictures taken at this year's Waterfront Festival. Couldn't find one of any dog looking "MISERABLE HOT." [sic]  or "VERY NERVOUS" or distressed in any way...I'll let you decide for yourself.
 this little guy needed a moustache towel...

 this little gal had her own taxi driver...

This one was wet behind the ears...

politely chowing down on free samples...

and look at these guys...  do they LOOK like they were at each others' throats?
Countries should get along this well!

Do I think dogs belong at dog-freindly Festivals. Absolutely!
IF they are well behaved and the weather and surroundings are suitable.
If the venue is specified NOT dog friendly, leave Bowser at home.

I don't take Gracie to Festivals or Farmer's Markets where I'm working because I can't give her my full attention. I'm busy with the business of treating other folks' dogs. Wouldn't be fair to her or to the people around me.

As responsible pet owners WE must decide what venues are appropriate for our dogs. In making that decision we must consider their health, temperment and safety. We also must show consideration for other people by making sure our dogs are leashed and trained to behave appropriately in a public setting.

Side note: The people that scare me are the ones who come to my booth for samples saying they've left their dog in the car. I offer them a loaner leash and encourage them to go get the dog out of the car. WHAT are they thinking??

My wise friend Kate reminds me that there are no bad dogs- just bad dog owners. I think she makes a very good point. 

BTW, the woman who posted her concern is entitled to her opinion, but this is MY blog and I reserve the right to insist that my opinion is more important. ;)