Be careful what you ask for...

Friday, April 9, 2010

2009 was an economic annus horribillus for me- along with a whole bunch of other people in the country. After a lot of tears, self-pity, hand-wringing and yes- I freely admit it- prayers of desperation- I set a personal goal for this year.... to grow my business... to expand... to make some money, damn it!! 

             Be careful what you ask for, vewwy, vewwy careful.

OMG. What have I done? So far my head is exploding with the results. It seems new recipes, packaging and marketing ideas are popping into my mind daily. The phone is ringing off the hook.  Can I do this two-day gift show?  Yes. Can I add another weekly farmer's market? Yes. Can I supply this store? Yes.  Can I spare several hours each week to work for the Cen$u$ Bureau? Yes. I've become the girl who can't say no.

My mind is reeling. So many decisions. How can I do all that baking? What about getting it all packaged? How will I keep track of  the supplies I need? When should I order flour? When will I sleep? Can I find a cheaper place to buy aniseeed? Will I ever play Farmville again? Am I complaining about getting the opportunities I asked for? Woe, is me. Hey, Hoedee phone. Do you suppose Martha worried and wailed about lack of sleep when her catering business took off? Did Debbi Fields say- No way! That's too damn many cookies to bake? Do you think Paula Deen panicked when her brown bag lunch endeavor exploded into cookbooks, restaurants and a TV show? Hail no- Ms Paula just sat down with a spoon and a big ol' bowl of butter and figured out a way to make it work.

OK- OK- settling back down to earth-- feet firmly back on the ground--so I'm not going to be a megastar but I just might be able to make enough money to pay my bills. My fantastic friends (you know who you are) are my collective voice of reason. After listening to my concerns (read: whining) the general consensus was that I should  (1) quit whining (2) get organized  (3) try to do one thing at a time to completion. (4) quit whining  (5) learn to multitask in case 3 fails. Sounds like a plan.
I can do that.

So as per my friends' suggestions

here I am.....

not whining....

learning to multitask...

nice legs, huh?
more to come.....


Packrat said...

Good luck with everything. One more piece of advice: When things get totally out of control, ask for help.

KathyL said...

Yes! What Packrat said. Make sure both sons and all 3 grandkids read this entry Grandma.

Andrew's Mom said...

I must say that is one snazzy outfit you are wearing while you are juggling.

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