Wheat-Free & a Secret Ingredient

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I tried making wheat free treats a couple of years ago and frankly they just didn't fly. The expensive ingredients meant that I had to pass the cost on to the customer and frankly they just didn't taste that good. Yes, what you're thinking is right- of course I tasted them. I taste every batch I make. It's the only way I know if they're good enough. I only use human grade ingredients so they taste kind of like crackers. The wheat free were bland. No joy.

I've been putting off trying them again but I've decided the time has come.  I've been getting so many requests for treats for dogs with wheat sensitivity and I've finally come up with a recipe that wont break my bank and I think dogs are going to love it- if Gracie is any indication. There's a secret ingredient- which will be revealed when I tell you the name - that really gives it some pizzazz. Yes, they'll cost a little bit more than my wheat-based treats but not much. I like that.

After much trial and several errors I think I've found the perfect ingredients.

Dry ingredients - Barley, Oat & Rice flours


Some dog-healthy spices, baking powder & a secret ingredient

Add the wet ingredients

Roll 'em over,                                       Roll 'em over,

Throw 'em in a pan

A batch of Little Bits- my smallest treat

    and now for the Gracie taste test... Drop your duck
    and come over here and sit....stay.....Good girl

   and then
   she smelled the treat in my hand and that was the end
   of the sit-stay...and the photo shoot. 
   I put it on the floor and stepped back to take a picture.      
        but..... there was nothing there..

I tried again...4 times and she was a blur. I couldn't get a decent picture because every time I put down a treat, it was gone. She barked. She jumped. She usually takes her treat over to her rug, chomps it & casually licks up the crumbs. She inhaled these... on the spot...and wanted more. She sat down and stuck her paw out in her "Shake" pose. She even tried the dreaded "Lie Down" pose which she only does reluctantly. When that didn't get a treat she ran to get her beloved mallard and dropped at my feet. "Wanna Trade?"  I couldn't even get a picture of that because I was laughing so hard. I haven't had that reaction from Gracie on any previous recipes so I'm going to take it as a 2 thumbs up. (2 paws?) 

A friend of John's has a chihuahua and a chihuahua/jackrussell and the word we got back from their taste test was "They loved them!" I'll verify it with a few other four legged-taste testers to see if their reactions are the same... and yes, I tried it.  Not bad... not bad at all.

and that secret ingredient?

Well, the name of the my new wheat-free treat is Lickerish.