Rexville Grocery

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If you're coming up to see the Tulips, you must stop at Rexville Grocery.
must, must MUST! The Rexville what? a grocery store?  Believe me this isn't Safeway.
A Seattle PI article explains-
"You won't find Twinkies or Little Debbies. You will find canned mango pulp from India, tins of octopus in garlic from Spain, shrimp paste from Malaysia, Hungarian prune butter, several dozen hot sauces from around the world, and arguably one of the most complete collections of foods grown and made in the Skagit Valley....When you drop by, you may rub shoulders with Microsoft retirees, artists, refinery workers, migrant workers or valley farmers, who ride up on their John Deere tractors."

Owners Joyce and Stuart Welch stock the store with loads of unusual, good food things. Slabs of Swiss chocolate, Beignet Mix from the Cafe Du Monde in NOLA's French Quarter, a  huge selection of six-degrees-hotter-than-hell hot sauces, NW style smoked smoked salmon, organic coffee blends, Seattle's delectable Theo's Chocolate (from the only organic, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the US) and a long list of microbrew beer and superb wines that will make your head swim.  Did I mention it's a good place to pick up some Blue Collar Dog Treats?

..and then there's the Cafe.  Heavenly sandwiches <sigh> (My favorite is the Rex Club.) Plan to have brunch or lunch at the cafe counter-(you can browse the shelves of organic, gourmet delights after you place your order) or get a Skagit Valley Bounty Box Lunch to take with you on your jaunt to the tulip fields. Call ahead and Joyce will have it ready for you
but I promise you won't be in a hurry to leave.

Rexville Grocery is like nowhere you've been. It has a lot of charm and a little bit of everything. It's where the locals go so PLEASE don't tell any of the locals you heard about Rexville Grocery from me. They won't appreciate hordes of strangers in there buying up all the octopus in garlic tins.

It's off the beaten path but not hard to find.
It's right on the way to the tulip fields-including  Roozengaarde Display Garden. (another must see)

Directions from Seattle: head north on interstate 5 and get off at Exit 221. Go west over the freeway and take the first right onto Fir Island Road. You will immediately pass through Conway as you make your way across Fir Island. Turn left onto Best Road as you approach the North Fork of the Skagit River (near the second bridge you cross). The market is on the right hand side, 1/4 mile after you have crossed the bridge.
Directions from Bellingham: head south on interstate 5 and get off at Exit 230 (Anacortes/ San Juan Ferry). Turn left on Hwy 20, you'll be heading west for approx 6 miles. Turn left onto Best Road and look for the grocery on the the left hand side after you have driven a few miles.

GPS?  Here's the address: 19271 Best Road,
Mt Vernon, WA 98273-8111, (360) 466-5522

Rexville Grocery isn't only about great food. Check their site frequently for an updated list of some of the special events it hosts in the covered outdoor pavilion...including the weekly Farmer's Market, Art Shows
and Craft Shows. The Eurasia Custom Bike Show is slated for mid July.
Need a venue for your event? Think about Rexville.



Kathy L said...

What a fun looking store. Looks like something you'd find in a tiny town on the backroads of Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire. Has a real general store flare to it. All it needs is a Cigar Store Indian (I know, very un-PC these days) and a pickle barrel. Love it.

Packrat said...

Looks like fun (and a good place to spend money). Really need to get over your way. My daughter was complaining that she'd never been to Seattle. Would you believe that I've only been twice in my whole life? It is the "wrong" direction for where we usually go and do.

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