I Love A Happy Ending

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I found a wonderful story during my daily blog reading this morning. You can find it on Paul Luvera's Journal and it felt good to start my day with a smile. I've brought the news video here but Paul's article is really better. Paul's journal entries always leave me full of thought and today was no exception. It's definitely a "goosebumps" story and it also hit home because it's about Blue, an Australian Cattle Dog who protected his family's little girl during a long, cold night in an Arizona arroyo. Since our Gracie is a Red Heeler it immediately piqued my interest.

Excerpts from Paul's entry:
The medic said the girl was facedown in the wash and if it wasn't for her dog, they might not have seen her. But, Blue was acting like he was going to protect her from the medic getting close, until the girl rose up and began to smile. Blue’s mood immediately changed according to the pilot.

"I think once the dog realized we were there to help them out, he was very excited. He ran around while the medic tended to the little girl, and when it was time to go, he jumped right into the helicopter with her and was ready to go."

"She was able to stay warm with the dog. It’s probably one of the things that saved her life." Another said: "We have to give a lot of credit to Blue." Victoria was bare foot and her feet were swollen, she was covered in dirt and scratches and she was somewhat hypothermic. She was flown to the hospital and treated for frostbite, but was otherwise alright.

 I'm thinking good ol' Blue, the Blue Heeler will be dining on steak for a while. What a great ending to what coud have been a tragedy. Most Heeler owner won't be surprised at Blue's heroism. It's really typical of Cattle Dogs. They should have "To Serve and Protect"  stamped on their sides like furry police cars.

Our eight year old Gracie is a Red heeler-aka Australian Cattle Dog, aka Queensland Heeler and I can verify that they are loyal and protective almost to a fault. My sons have expressed serious concern that if I ever need emergency services, the medics may have a problem getting any where near me. It might be a a valid concern. We'll need to work on that. I'm getting old fast.

When we got her in 2003, Gracie immediately bonded with me- unusual since all our previous Labs, recognized Pat as the Alpha and I was simply his consort. The point is, I am Gracie's cow and she lives to protect me. Every night -without fail- once I'm settled in she jumps up on the bed and rests her head on my chest- with her face close to mine (Am I imagining it or is she checking to see if her downed cow's heart is still beating?  Is her cow still breathing? Is that total anthropomorphism?) After a few moments she seems satisfied and moves down to the foot of my bed, facing the door, where she sleeps, but ever alert for wolves and any other maurauders that may attack her cow. She can go from 0 to 60 if someone opens the front door unexpectedly- from a sound sleep to barking and backing up the intruder against the door, who by now is protecting his genitals and yelling, "Mom! Call your dog!"

 Good girl, Gracie!


LUCKY LUKE said...

This is just an awesome testimonial of love.

One day soon, I should insist that my the Mom share wif you... the story of her Wellington, her Australian Shepherd.

A very special guy, Wellington shared 17.5 years of her life!

Bev said...

Please do share. I'd love to hear the story. 17+ years is incredible!

Packrat said...

So glad the little girl is okay. Haven't watched the video or read the story but will go back and do it.

Heelers are the best, but all the "cow" dogs we've had/now have were/are protective. None have been jealous of babies, either - just another little one to herd. (Even my Rottweiler "herds" me when she thinks I'm going the wrong way.)

Anonymous said...

Perfect!Great! This helped a bunch! I've read a couple
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BevB said...

I'd like to know what it cleared up, Anonymous.

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