Winter Gastronomy Swap

Sunday, January 17, 2010

One of the cleverest bloggers I know, Jen, aka The Gregarious Homebody just arranged a foodie swap and it was really fun because it was simple & easy, with a hint of anticipation & surprise -all very good things. Jen set up the partners and the object was to spend no more than $25 and put together a package for your (complete stranger) partner following the "Winter Gastronomy" theme.

 My partner was little Ms. Jenni, my polar opposite. She's a young wife living back East, about to become a first-time mother. While I was two of those things in 1965, I'm now an old NW grandma/widow with one foot you know where (and the other one frequently in my mouth) so I wondered what common ground we might have, food wise. After seeing her Facebook photos,I must say I had momentary visions of getting some much dreaded healthy stuff, given her age and physical condition. She's lovely, thin and just glows with good health. (me too--in 1965) but I was game to try anything she sent. I'm sure she thought this old lady from the Pacific NW would be sending her ten pounds of dog treats & coffee flavored Mylanta. No need to for either of us to worry.

She sent Choc-o-late... major choc-o-late...Hot chocolate- on a stick. Chocolate covered cheesecake... on a stick. Is there anything better than portable chocolate? (only IV chocolate, Im thinking.) Day-yum, girl, you might be the daughter I never had.

The four bags are all chocolate! Two bags of chocolate covered cheesecake lollipops and two bags of hot chocolate on a stick (stir into hot milk).

She sent two bags of seasoned pretzels that I had to hide from the guys after they tasted them. She shared the recipe with me too so I'll be able to make & enjoy them any time I want to.

The colorful bags are produce bags. One is shaped unevenly because it's homemade from a round vintage table cloth. How clever is that? She found it at her localFarmer's Market.You KNOW how much I love Farmer's Markets. She also sent two of those super little crocheted dish cloths that are so impossible to find. All in all, Jenni's package was a real delight. Thanks Jenni and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your clever work on FB especially that darling baby girl's room you're creating.

My package for Jenni was a TASTE OF WASHINGTON STATE

At one point in my career at SeaBear, several years ago, I was a buyer for their NW gift catalog. What fun that was! SeaBear owns all the Made In Washington stores, which feature gifts from local artists, craftspeople and companies. Some things never change. WA still abounds with talented, creative folks who share their love of food and the NW. Our local Seabear store carries a bit of everything so I was able to pop in and pick up a few things I thought Jenni might enjoy.

Good coffee collection and a Washington apple mug.

We aren't all Starbucks freaks up here, you know.

The Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Pass makes the most fantastic pancake mix. I'll bet there's a package in every home pantry in the state.

SeaBear makes their Salmon Chowder in a retort package making it totally shelf stable. No refrigeration. Retort is like canning only much, much kinder to the product inside. Yummy!

Maurer's Essence of the Northwest Seasoning  is another pantry staple here & no salt is an added bonus.

and since I wanted to send something from my kitchen I included a vaccuum sealed  kit for Just Another Rainy Day Soup with the seasonings and finally for Whitney, Jenni's BFFF, a package of my Peanut Buddier dog treats.

I hope Jenni enjoyed everything. I'll be fighting the rainy day blues with all the chocolate she sent. Thanks, Jenni and thanks Jen for putting the Winter Gastronomy Swap together.


LUCKY LUKE said...

Peanut Buddier cookies rule!!! Wifout question, they do! Cookie what leave me shmackin my lips... rule and also rock! Just sayin.

Fanks to you and the Nigel Buggers... I know what I want for my next gift givin holiday!!! Just sayin!

Melissa said...

It looks liked you had a great swap partner! You can never have enough chocolate! I know what a great swap partner you are so Jenni was very lucky to be paired up with you!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of food swaps and both you and Jenny did the idea proud.
SPILL ... with the recipe for that "Just Another Rainy Day Soup" Mix lady. TIA :)
(I'm having to sign this anonomous since the choices seem to have changed and I don't have a URL), your Boston Sister, Kathy

Andrew's Mom said...

Bev, if we ever get partnered - you could send me some coffee flavored Mylanta. . .after 40..cough 45...everything goes South. Great swap.

Andrew's Mom said...

PS - I finally was about to read some entries without my computer locking up - for a while many blogspot blogs would lock up and give me "not responding" - I sleep with an IT guy - so I don't think it was our computer - but who knows!

Anonymous said...

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