And the WEEK 3 WINNER is...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

.. going to be as sorry as I am that she didn't come back to see that she won. I posted her name here & on Facebook twice, even giving her extra time to contact me but to no avail so I've removed her name and at 6PM Weds I selected another name...

KEN WHITE, Congratulations, Ken!.......................................................... Please send an email ASAP with your contact/mailing information to

The answer was "I triple dog dare ya!"
Thanks to everyone who entered this week.

The WEEK 4 DRAWING BEGINS Wednesday Dec 16th. In order to ship the prize for delivery before Christmas the drawing will close Sunday at midnight and the winner announced Monday morning, December 21st.


Ken said...

Wooohooo!!! I mean ruuuuf ruuuuuf!!!

Ken & Harley

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