Yes, We're OPEN

Monday, November 16, 2009

BLACK FRIDAY? Don't get me started. Haven't done one in years. My cranky old aunt had a saying to describe similar situations.

............"It's like being in hell with your back broke."
I've always thought shopping the day after Thanksgiving was a sacrilege... this lazy day reserved for turkey sandwiches and Martinelli's sparkling apple cider & long, sweet, tryptophan-induced naps.

I've been doing my Christmas shopping online since ebay and were pups. If I couldn't find it online, I networked with online friends to find it locally. Dear friend Robin, (God bless her!) made me Best Grandma Of The Year by finding me Tickle Me Elmo in a Michigan K-Mart when there were none to be found any where else. Now that's a good friend.

In those early days of online shopping, I can remember my non- computer friends being horrified because I used a credit card on the computer! Are you crazy? Well, call me an idiot but in over ten years I've never had a problem... Knock wood.

After years of online ordering, my first (and last) Black Friday was five years ago at Best Buy, for a $100 eMachine (a what?) for my oldest grandson. I was quickly reminded why we had never done one before. We got in line at 3 AM for the 6 AM opening and there were already about 20 other suckers-I mean-people in front of us. Within an hour, the parking lot was full and our (chain, chain, chain,) chain of fools snaked around the building and back into the parking lot. It was raining & snowing and about 4:30 the BB staff took mercy on us (I think the collective clatter of thousands of chattering teeth was keeping them awake) and came out to give us numbered coupons for our desired products (only 25 $100 eMachines per store) so we could go sit in the freezing car instead of standing in the freezing wetness. We cranked up the heat and tried to thaw out. I read and Pat muttered (read: swore) quietly as he tried to sleep.

When the store opened, the crush getting through the door was unbelievable... and dangerous.
Surprisingly there was no chance of being trampled but only because there was no way to fall down. It was wall-to-wall shoving, squirming bodies and I vowed never again to put us in harm's way for a Black Friday Sale... or maybe I decided that when Pat finally stopped swearing half-way back to town. Not sure, but things are always better in your memory.

I know you should never say "never again" but, Never, Ever, Again.

So in order to help you folks with Dog Lovers on your list, I'll preview all my Etsy Shop products here. Then you can run your mouse right over there and hit the PayPal button and voila, I'll be taking care of that part of your list for you. Sit right there in your jammies and shop.

....................No shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!

So.... drum roll, please....I'm announcing that my

.......... BLUE COLLAR DOG TREAT Etsy shop is
and I'll be adding a couple of new items in the next few days. Need to get some really good photos of the pet stockings I've been making.

I've put a link at the top of this page, on the right . The slideshow next to the link shows some of the goodies you'll find there. All of my products are homemade & handmade right here in the US of A by me, a sweet little old widow lady, satisfaction guaranteed, yada, yada, yada.

Stay tuned... and remember... Stores have Black Friday Sales online too. If you're going to shop at 3 AM on the 27th, be good to yourself - do it cozily, with a hot chocolate mustache, wearing your robe and bunny slippers. That's where I'll be.


Packrat said...

Great post. I'll check out your Etsy shop.

Suze said...

Love your Blogs. I read your back numbers and especially enjoyed the Halloween posting. Those poor dogs! I checked out your shop on Etsy and love your Dog Duty bag. It's just what people need.

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