The Dog Days of Summer...already?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Here in western Washington, everyone knows not to expect summer weather until after the (usually rainy or overcast) fourth of July.
It has been beyond bizarre this year. Our June was our August. Incredible. We came within six minutes of breaking the most-consecutive-days-without-rain record (30 days) - and a light sprinkle shot us down. Veggies are shooting up and the people are flocking to our local Farmer's Market...and to my everlasting gratitude, they bring their dogs. I set out big bowls of water at my booth and have to replenish frequently. Lots of thirsty pups.
However, some folks are not sure our market welcomes dogs. My greeting to each passerby is "Do you have a dog at home? Can I send you home with a doggie bag of our samples?" After a couple of replies of "Our dog is in the car" I encouraged them to "PLEASE go get him! We LOVE dogs here"
(I had to fight the urge to smack 'em upside the head) It's common sense, people! You wouldn't leave a pint of Chunky Monkey in the car for 5 minutes and here you are strolling through the market for an hour with Sparky locked in your SUV oven? "Windows are down" my aunt fanny. Go get that dog NOW!

On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a shaded car is 90 degrees, while the inside of a car parked in the sun can reach 160 degrees in minutes. Animals can succumb to heatstroke in just 15 minutes.

That first Saturday I loaned all the leashes (including our late Howie's treasured Mariners leash) that I use in a display for my Dog Duty Pouch- (yep, it's just what you think it is -but that's a whole other blog). So Monday morning I called my favorite vet's office and asked if I could buy some of the loaner leashes that they have on hand and when I told them why I wanted them they were so supportive. (We LOVE Fidalgo Animal Medical Center!) I made a sign to hang on the booth post and hung the rainbow colored leashes right on the sign so folks would know they were there & easily accessible. I'm happy to say people are taking advantage of the offer and actually returning them. They were inexpensive so losing them wouldn't be so bad.


Kathy LaPier said...

Hello lady, :)
Do you plan on taking on-line orders and shipping your treats to other parts of the country?
I may be dogless myself, but I do have a couple of pooches on my Christmas list, and I'd like to order some around Christmas time. If their Xmas packaging were configured into a long and skinny manner so that they fit well into the stocking, well that would be even betterer..... hint hint ;)

BevB said...

What a great idea ;) I'll work on that. Thanks for stopping by- don't be a stranger...

Brenda said...

I have some doggie friends, too. I still think cat treats would be great. Cats are so discriminated against in the treat department!

I love your blog. The denim is so fitting!

Here's to a lot of business. Now get back to baking those treats. HAHA!

BCxFour said...

Bev - I would love to come and visit the farmers market where you have your spot. Where is it located? From reading your blog I would assume somewhere in Oak Harbor?

-Carolynn at BCxFour

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